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Llanllyr Water wins Queen’s Award for International Trade

Llanllyr Water wins Queen’s Award for International Trade April 2008

In Las Vegas and Hong Kong and many places in between restaurants and hotels now make llanllyr SOURCE spring water their number one choice.
In a world market increasingly dominated of ‘manufactured’ bottled waters this pure, natural and distinctively soft tasting premium water is adding new customers and new export markets every month; progress recently recognised by Food From Britain when it handed the company its 2007 UK Drinks Exporter of the Year and Welsh Exporter of the Year awards.
But only 10 years ago all this was just a flicker of a dream as the family owners of the Llanllyr farm, whose ancestors first farmed the land almost 300 years ago, looked at how to cope with the region’s declining agricultural income and the inevitable job losses involved.
‘Those days are not that long ago, but I almost have to pinch myself sometimes when I look down the list of world famous places that now list our water’ says Sales and Marketing Director Patrick Gee whose family still farm the land organically just like the generations before them. Asked what the recipe for the success so far has been Gee says that ‘taste comes first in the part of the market we target with design not far behind. And of course we have to be competitive at the same time!’
Llanllyr recently introduced llanllyr SOURCE pure natural water in an entirely recyclable can because says Chairman Mark Swanwick ‘dumping billions of plastic bottles in landfill sites every year simply cannot go on indefinitely. The farm has always adopted an environmental stance and with the advantage of an entirely sustainable and consistent source we had to find a way to the convenience sector that uses materials that can be quickly recycled without waste to remain consistent with the farm’s principles’.
We know that people in our small unspoilt valley in west Wales have been drinking the water here since at least the year 1180 when a nunnery was established here’ says Gee, who can trace his family’s roots in the valley back over 500 years, but the known history of the site goes back to the 6th century so it’s quite probable that even the nuns weren’t the first people to enjoy the water!’ What would they make of that in Vegas!

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